Negative damage and no skill bonus lol

Pretty funny story imo, at some point in the game I realised Im getting negative damage count:
Which resulted in absolute value decreasing at the end
Which also resulted with no skill bonus at the end of the round:

I wonder if that happened already or is being acknowledged, also I don’t really care about lost RP, round was super fun and the bug just added to that lol


Yes its been reported its just a overflow error, like an odometer that rolls over, the negative doesn’t mean anything. You don’t get skill bonuses for killing bots, no matter how many.

Lol. You alright there buddy?

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“Player” bots offer the same rewards as player kills. “Player” bot AI was genuinely better than the average player for years until they dialed it back too

Skill bonuses in naval are for damage done, not kills, doesn’t matter against what. So yeah, going negative might cancel your skill bonus, I think he’s right.

The kill/assist reward for “First Name” Gaijinbots, which I think you’re talking about, as opposed to player accounts using botscripts, is half what it is for kills and assists on regular players. Score due to damage rewards are the same though.

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Imagine if it rolled back your research as a ‘bonus’ lol

Wait really?
I was sure its been full same as it used to be in Air RB back in like 2015

lmao. funnily enough, it counted SL per damage correctly since it is counted per shot and those were not repairing enemy ships :))

Im playing arcade so barely any player bots here, also I haven’t killed single ai bot, but regardless, damage always count, the guy is butthurt about different comment I think

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I’ve seen you either in AB Bote EC or bote RB before I s2g

I played EC mode once during last year, on RB I’m occasionally, if I play with somebody who prefers that mode. AB is my main partly because I really don’t like playing against one respawn bots :))

The issue is quite interesting since the reward post battle screen has the correct number (the int16 has maximum of 32767) so game actually counted it.

But you don’t get the reward bonus which is wierd since I would expect that it would be calculated based on the final number not based on in battle score screen.

Just idea to check if it isn’t just UI glitch, did check the RP gain.