Need to buy more GE to spend the amount of GE you have

So im on the dev server for the “Kings of Battle” update and i was wanting to fly the F-111 and i was going to see what i needed to spend in order to fly it right out of the get-go and i noticed something that seem wrong. i needed 255 more GE to spend what i already had (145GE), so i needed 400 GE to spend 145 on research.

That’s not what it’s saying?

It’s saying you need 400, it’s not saying you have to buy 400…

to spend the amount of GE that i already have i need to buy more, everytime i try to boost with what i have it brings up the EG purchase screen.

compared to the live server which allows me to boost the research

Different rates there to be real.

6525 vs 13050…

Could point to where the real issue lay.

look at the conversion cost on both screen shots, both say the cost is 145GE but on the dev server it says that i need more than i have to put it to the level of research that is saying. they either broke the research boosting or are trying to get more money out of us by doing this, and i want to believe that its just broken