Need some advice with Leopard 1

Hey Folks,
I have some struggles with my Leopard 1. It’s very hard to get any kills because most hits on the enemy doesn’t kill them instandly. Therefore nearly everytime I could manage to hit someone I only get a critical hit if I am lucky. Next thing that happens, now that I have revealed my postion, I get killed instandly by a BMP or something. I tried all ammo types none of them seem to do damage on the first shot (It takes like 3 shots on average to get a kill). Especialy when ever I am facing an IS-4.
In Summary I have no impact in matches anymore and get killed so fast before I can do anything useful.

Has anyone some tips to perform better with the Leopard 1?

well that’s just not true.

also, you are not that far of your general KDR when comparing to your other vehicles (Tiger II (H) is an exception).

This seams more of a adjustment to a new rank more than the vehicle itself.

was more of a joke with the Ostwind ngl. And yes maybe it’s just the new ranking. Still I think I could do better if Leopard is not trash. The main difference beetween the tanks in the previous ranks is that the Leopard don’t have APCBC anymore. It only has AP right now. Therefore, if I understood correctly, the AP doesn’t have an explosive charge in it.
In order to one hit the enemy do I have to hit the ammo stack directly?

that or killing the crew.
When it comes to the leopard 1 i would recommend the HESH shell (DM512 i think?) and learning to aim at hatches to overpressure the tank and kill all crew in one shot. or the later HEAT and aim for ammo. but generally in rank 5 its not super common to one-shot things in the beginning before you learn where to aim on specific enemy tanks.

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Thanks for the advice, I haven’t unlocked the DM512 yet but I will try it.
But if it’s not super common to one-shot things in rank 5 why does it always happen to me? Am I just very unlucky?