Need laptop specs advice!

I need to get a new gaming laptop that can run WT effortlessly, at least for a couple of years. Any advice on what laptop, minimum level and what brand of cpu/gpu, WiFi that vastly covers what WT demands?

Will this Lenovo Legion Slim 5 16APH8 with
R7 7840HS / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD / RTX 4060 be enough? Any other suggestions? Not a very tech person, so all help is very appreciated!

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that should run it fine but youre still gonna be really fucking hot

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That’ll be fine. An RTX 4060 can run nearly anything. Your laptop will be on fire though. I would be a touch worried about storage though. At 512GB, if you run WT on UHQ with full UHQ textures for all gamemodes, it will take up a full 1/5 of your storage.

Indeed enough but you should look for anything >4070 for stable and more future proof.
Model, just pick Legion, not the slim, slim version is trade the cooler for mode thinner design, suitable for “content creator” rather then gamer.
Other then that, you should check Jarrod’s Tech to choose since his review is now the best for gaming laptop.