Need help with the P-51C-10

Struggling with the P-51C-10. Does anyone have any advice on how to use it? I try to climb to 7k feet with it and attack enemy fighters from above but I always die.


The P-51C is an AWESOME plane to fly and I’m sorry to hear you are having a hard time flying it. From what you said you sound like your flying it right so far. It’s best used at medium to high speeds.

Can you give any more info on how you die or what your struggling with so I can help better?

Also I’ll be on in a little if you’d like to hop into a match and get some hands on advice/training. Just add me if you want to. Username same as here :)

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I get overwhelmed by other fighters or get outturned or set on fire

Well when i was playing this plane. Firstly i really hated it cuz it lacks of guns, can’t outturn anyone. Took a brake from game and learnd some boo’n’zoom tactic from youtube. And yup, this plane is literally it. You should reach medium alt, and search for enemies 1.5 or 2 km below. Dive on them and if you missed and didn’t kill him just fly away. You have ± best max speed at br. And it depends on what enemy you face. For example Focke-wulfs are really bad at outturning but really good at max speed or Spitfires which have bad max speed(some also bad climb rate) but have no concurents in outturning.

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I also recommend you to watch Defyn flying academy. He will explain some thin but moments that happen regularly

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@roPbATbIu_KAJIOED described how to play it pretty well. Then only thing I will say is that the P-51 is not a low speed dogfighter like a spit or Zero. It’s a high speed one. Keep your speed 250mph and above when dogfighting and it will do fine. I’d also try side climbing and not entering the battle until all the enemies are at a lower alt then you.

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It’s not a great plane tbh. Much like most American planes, it’s pretty much limited to just BnZ, and its weak guns make that kinda difficult. Its low altitude performance is VERY bad, however gets better as you get higher. At altitudes around 20k ft it’s just about the fastest plane at its BR.
P-51C also overheats very fast without MEC (Manual Engine Control) so that’s something to keep in mind.

That is the probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard.

No it’s not. It can dogfight quite well if you know what your doing.

It gets M20 which in my opinion is the best .50 cal round in the game. And it gets a full belt of them. They snap wings off easily and start fires like nobody’s business

Your not really wrong there, but I feel like your dramatizing it a little. It’s not good at lower speeds, but even then it’s not *that bad. It can still hold it’s own


That’s true, but you rarely fight that high. I found that it was closer to 15K ft. It still does pretty good there

Yeah, but only on WEP for extended times. And after about 10-13 minutes of 100% throttle. But that doesn’t really happen until the end of matches.

It only appears good because no1 at 3.7 actually know how to counter it. All it takes is a single Bf 109 or Spitfire to climb at beginning of round instead of rushing straight for low alt dogfighter, and you become helpless.

Not if your enemies know what they’re doing. The P-51C is not agile unless at very high speeds, which doesn’t pair well with its lack of G suit, and its speed while turning doesn’t last long anyways.

They’re not bad, but they’re still vastly inferior to 20mm in everything except long range shots. .50cals need cosistent hits to break a wing/tail off, and you don’t always get lucky with starting a fire. 20mm HE, on the other hand, will reliably 1-shot wings/tails from everything aside form large bombers.

That’s my point. The only area where the P-51C actually excels amongst other aircraft is at high alt where no1 else goes. Any1 else that would climb with you (e.g a spitfire) would be far above you and have an advantage anyways.