Need help to use AMX-10P


I would like to know if any of you have experience playing with the AMX-10P, and if so, how to use it.

In anti-air, I don’t get more than 2 kills per game, and even then, when I’m lucky and I survive the kamikaze.

Against tanks, I’m useless, i can only kill a light tank from aside.

The only thing I do quite well with it is reconnaissance, and even then, the fact of not having water on the cards limits my possibilities a lot.

The problem is that it does not have a good weapon elevation. I will sometimes set up on the side of a hill to get a more elevation. Other than that, it’s 20mm gun is excellent against aircraft if you use the default belt or DM63. I prefer the mix of AP and HE over just HE as it gives some anti-vehicle ability. It does give you some protection against strafing versus using an open top. The other option is the TMK 6.41. Good guns, and mobility but weak armor (none).

That’s normal, even with a DM round it lacks penetration power. You can destroy tanks if you get in close. If you want a good anti-tank vehicle, and is also good against CAS, then the DCA40 is a better choice. It requires better aim though, and unfortunately the muzzle flash is crazy and makes aiming in third camera difficult at times.

Spotting helps both you and your team. It allows you to get into a CAS if they are destroyed, and gives your team situational awareness (hopefully they actually pay attention).

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It’s not a real flak gun, since the barrel doesn’t rise high enough.
However, its high rate of fire means it can be used to shoot down a plane as it descends or as it recovers from a CAS pass.

The fact is that the AMX-10P isn’t very good. Its elevation angles are not high enough to be an effective SPAA. As @Otto4980 said, you can kill planes as they’re descending, but it’s not a good SPAA because it was never designed to be an SPAA.

Thanks for advices, but since it’s going to be upgraded to 5.7, I think I’ll just stop using it.
It may be a basic infantry fighting vehicle, but it should be able to play the role of SPAA without any problem (at 1500Km).

Basic APC/IFVs like the AMX-10P or the Pbv 301 don’t fit the WT meta very well, which is why they get pigeonholed as anti-aircraft vehicles. Its not ideal…

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