Need help, get banned and dont understand why

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today, I discovered that my account has been suspended with the indication that I have used mods or bots.

I cannot understand this suspension, as I exclusively play the game on PlayStation 5 and have not installed any mods or bots on this system. Additionally, I do not even know how to install such modifications.

I kindly ask you to review the suspension and contact me. I am more than willing to assist you in resolving this situation.

Thank you for your support!


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

heute habe ich festgestellt, dass mein Account gesperrt wurde, mit dem Hinweis, dass ich Mods oder Bots verwendet haben soll.

Diese Sperre kann ich mir nicht erklären, da ich das Spiel ausschließlich über die PlayStation 5 spiele und keinerlei Mods oder Bots auf diesem System installiert habe. Zudem weiß ich nicht einmal, wie solche zu installieren wären.

Ich bitte Sie inständig, die Sperre zu überprüfen und sich mit mir in Kontakt zu setzen. Selbstverständlich stehe ich Ihnen zur Aufklärung dieser Situation gerne zur Verfügung.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung!


I would advise that you contact support and raise a ticket

found here → Gaijin Support


Thank you!

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Your Welcome

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Have you ever had similar experiences? I am really worried about this situation and concerned that my ticket will not be accepted.

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Could be a mass report by a toxic clan calling you a bot.

Some people do report the aim assist for ground units against planes as a aim hack/ wall hack.

No. It has zero relevance how often one is reported. If punishable behavior is proved even after one report, one gets punished. But even after dozens of reports not proving an offense, nothing happens, of course.

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Correcting “What a War Thunder Cheater Looks Like” (

8:39 if you are intereste.

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That doesn’t sound good at all. I hope customer support takes a close look at this incident. I would find it very unfortunate if this ban was caused by something like this and the situation can’t be resolved. I really enjoy playing the game and I do so without any unfair behavior.

I dont know how to use bots oder mods on PlayStation and i never will.

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Well, I stand corrected.

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Do you use the auto lock in rb? If so was someone very angry with you.

Yes, I do use it. Is that forbidden? If so, I wasn’t aware of it, and I’m surprised that the feature is enabled.

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I had a couple of lucky shots with the Begleitpanzer 90 and the explosive ammunition.

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Its a feature. Youre using the game as intended.

If you were flagged as bot behavior that would be the most plausible thing.

I have only been playing RB for a few days. If I get unbanned, I will only play Arcade from now on. I never thought something like this would happen to me. :(

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Its a mistake you aren’t exiled from RB for doing it. They will pick up the detailed report for you. Then I don’t know more. :)

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Thank you for your encouraging words! I hope everything turns out well, and I can get back in the game soon.

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I don’t even know if cheats / bots exist for console players, i know you can get them for PC, that’s understandable (due to the nature of the platform its being played on), but console ?