Need help deciding what to do

I am wondering what should i do. I want to research Japan tech tree but i don’t have time and was wondering if I should force through the TT with GE. This isn’t my first TT. And I wanted to hear your opinion on this topic.

What happiness do you expect that didn’t result from doing other tech trees before?

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I have reached top tier in Soviet tech tree and in Usa tech tree and i just want to play a different nation with different tanks that don’t play the same way. And i have free 100 dollars laying around and wanted to speed the process up.

You can’t speed up “playing”, only “having”. But you “have” already and are not happy with it. What you plan is pointless. You end up with the same post saying:

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depends wat u rly want. cuz just think. game is grind carusel. when u finishing tree. u start losing interest . u starting new one. and u know u wil lost interest when u wil finish japan 2. bro just think. wat rly u want. wat maces u enjoi game XD . for me its i hate f16 players

. im enjoing when im spawn camping cas abusers. what is for u. what u rly enjoi. if u not found someting fun in game. u wil play game for full grind mode. and u wil spend lot of time and money 2. and after when u wil finish tree. u wil found ur self not enjoing it. and start new one. so bro just think what u rly like in game…

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With 100 dollars you cannot do alot for speeding up your progression. You can buy a top tier pack and a premium account. But you cannot build a lineup, so maybe restricted to air rb. After that think of the hunderts if not thousands of games to play with the same vehicle to unlock the TT…


Best is to buy 25000 GE and buy premium vehicles at the New Year sales. But you will still need a premium account.

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If you are dead set on playing it you don’t have the time to grind and it won’t hurt you financially go ahead. It is your money.