Need change BMP-3&BMD-4's main armament

Now:Main 30mm autocannon&Sub 100mm Gun
Amendment: Main 100mm Gun&Sub 30mm autocannon

I think this is very easy. Because at first it was this.
Any objections?


Yup. I think it is better to have main weapon on 30mm and 100mm loaded with a missile or HE can serve in particular situation.
The 30mm is more versatile than the 100mm.

Is there any inconvenience with 30mm as a sub armament? The current armament configuration requires switching the operating armament when using HE on a 100mm gun that you really want to range with LRF. With the 30mm, which can be used for ranging without switching, there are very few situations that require ranging in the LRF in the first place. I was very happy with the past version where the 100mm and 30mm armament settings were reversed from what they are now, but now I am dissatisfied.

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Personally I prefer having the 30mm as the main weapon. Having the LRF on it makes for quicker midrange engagement, and leave only movement anticipation to care about. Anything past a kilometer is treated with the ATGM, and when I’m lobbing HE around, it’s usually from a safe place where I won’t need the 30mm at all, and the multi-fonction menu allows to swap quickly from main gun to secondary.
Also on the BMD-4 having the lead marker on the 30mm rather than the 100mm is better until we get the proxy fuse HE.

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Has anyone else had issues with the IRST lately? It stopped showing a lead indicator. Was this intentional or is it bugged?

Why cant gaijin just make both on the LRF??

This is an issue all over the game actually

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