NDI- Ground Forces Techtree

I think Norway should be given to Sweden, and Denmark to BeNeLux.
That’s just me tho.


That would work but Denmark is a Scandinavian country, and with long and deep roots here so it should be added to one of those trees, Sweden or Norway


That’s also a fair position.
I think from a clutter perspective and how Denmark vehicles would help fill a potential BeNeLux tree since Luxembourg wouldn’t offer much.

What does Denmark have to do with the Benelux? Even Indonesia has a lot more ties to the Benelux (Dutch East Indies) and has way more to offer


how is almost half of the people voting yes for this?

Because they voted yes? Hehe

Thats a no, top tier realy is only copy paste, that is not mentioning that the K2NO, does not exist it was a proposition that was declined, as you see with the KF41 since it was never deployed, the K2 will currently end up only in a south korea or a poland nation. The few unqiue norway vehicles can be added in sweden and danish ones in germany


Both k2no has configurations/modifications wich others dont have

So does the leopards, and the hml and acsvg5 is the most unique ones

Just because it has a common name doesnt mean it is “copy paste” look into it and the vehicles before calling absolutely evwrything copy paste

There are some non-modified wich are bought/imported of course.

Kf is placed as an event vehicle due to its useage

doesnt change that the vehicle is not in use and was not adopted, and shouldnt be put into this tree as a result

changes are minimal, it just ends up being another sweden or german tree which isnt needed anymore

the fuck you even talking about it is a tech tree vehicle if you like it or not

Trialed vehicles are very much a part of the game as far as additions go.
Local prototypes have been part of the game for ages, trialed foreign vehicles are becoming more and more common (namely in Japan and Sweden) and proposition vehicles that never made it to a nation are also something we have seen and may be able to expect more of (F-16AJ, though the variant we got in game is not the true proposed one and was rather a lazy cop-out by Gaijin, but that’s another story)

name the high/top tier additions you mean

“The fuck” what vehicle are you talking about?
What’s the point in being so angry?

Some are more than others
“Ends up being another german or swedish tree” what is wrong with those?

It was in use, we used them and tested them

They need not be high or top tier additions, but sure.
We have the Japanese M36, M47, F-16AJ and the Swedish AH-64, Mi-28 (which wasn’t even test flown by Swedish pilots btw) and T-80U.

if you would start to read you said the KF41 is an event vehicle

same thing with the KF41 was declined because in was not adopted into the army in the end. The K2 will end up in either Polish or south korean trees

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If you would even spend 2 secounds looking at the tree tpubwill see that i have placed it as an event vehicle, and i have also stated somewhere in the post the REASON for the placement.

The k2NO vehicles had norwegian modifications and condigurations, wich tje polish and south korean verison does NOT have. And we used those in trials for a long while

Thhe polish verison will go in the german tree or another, the korean verison will go in some tree related to them. They are different

The ascod, puma, m2, warrior is a completely different situation, wich also should be mentioned in the post unless it for some reason has been deleted

way longer stay in japan as part of the development of the STA 1

way longer stay as well part of development of type 61

yeah said yourself those are ridiculous , the helicopters as well only because they wanna force every tree to have helis now

only real example from you, and those generaly should be exceptions not the rule

u dont even know anymore what u have added into the damn tree yourself, there is no KF41 anywhere in it, do you mean the KMW PUMA??? I am talking about the hungarian KF41, that was denied to germany because it wasnt adopted. Just like Norway didnt adopt the K2 and as a result will end up in a polish or korean tree, propably south korea as an event vehicle version or premium, because they are the main developers and non adopted vehicles fall into their tree as a result

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Matters not what their legacy is. They were foreign trial vehicles that are present in the tree and as such lend credence to adding K2NO as Norwegian representation.

I didn’t say they were ridiculous additions, just noted caviats.
Though in fairness, the F-16AJ is stupid.

This I agree with, but you must remember that (sub) trees as presented on the forums are nothing more than examples how such additions could look.
Objectively, when looking at K2NO and comparing it to ingame additions, it isn’t so crazy. But whether these would be added or not is ultimately up to Gaijin. The presentation, again, isn’t so weird though.

yes but as soon as south korea is added into the game the K2NO gets impossible for norway, non adopted vehicles fall into the main developer tree as a result automaticaly that is my main point,

It’s you who are accusing me of adding a kf41 lynx, wich i haven’t. I am rully aware of what k habe added to this tech tree.