Navy: Crew skill to decrease Range Detection Time of a freshly selected target?

What is the name of the crew skill to decrease the range detection time of a freshly selected target, i.e. of a ship?
I invested crew skill points for Navy / Marine in the past not in Gunners, Observers.

I play just ARCADE.

If I select a new ship as target ( key “x” to select after aming with with PC mouse ), mostly the range is “floating” and becomes stable after a some seconds, i.e. decreases from “something” ( e.g. 5km ) to the real range of the ship ( e.g 1200m), but not linear, but range might go down to 0 and then rises to the exact value ( e.g. 1200m).
But even if the range is already almost accurate, it floats = increases and decreases, after that finally becoming stable.
For practical gaming battle, this time is very long.

By what skill may I decrease this time?

I didn’t find any crew skill of “Gunners” or “Observers” which fit…
Observers = just detection of air, surface targes on the radar
Gunner = gunner accuracy is about hitting the aimed targets, not about the process of aiming?!

It does not depend by the skill of the crew.
To be honest… i do not have such behaviour, my locking sistem float for at maximum 1-2 seconds after target acquire.
If you play realistic battle, it’s possible that the sea conditions will interfere with aiming and shooting precision

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