Naval is unplayable right now

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that video is just pure bs
naval has never been this bad since and including beta

if i was given to looking for reasons behind this update and why things have changed so much
i would postulate it is more about gaijun trying to control who gets the kills and the win

blaming it on incompetent coders and planners would not explain why it is so much worse than before the update … even by using the outdated servers naval normally get would not take it this far down the toilet

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Gaijin has the time and money to waste on dick-waving about their hardware being able to handle more fragments than before - wow, nice, what about the decrease in performance for players? Higher strain on servers thus more disconnects?

They have time and money for that, but not for making dedicated naval gamemodes, or decent maps with multiple spawnpoints for each ship class and no spawn-to-spawn firing, or making coastal not get raped by reserve bluewater, or making SKR-7 not almost entirely empty inside the hull, or making Subhumanhorst not utterly overpowered, or making top tier anything other than shooting a few notches below the front turrets of your enemy and BBs exploding to ammo racks within a few minutes of spawning (except Subhumanhorsts and Krokstadts, of course).

Just disgraceful. But hooray for more premium slop in the store and more point-and-click missile trash, right?


Naval is so “unplayable” (snigger) that I got my 45k points and finished 2 daily and 2 special tasks in about 3 hours elapsed time.


Now you can see that the game moves right way to mobile-arcade. The price of “event” became very low n also you can buy it ,not playing at all)PtW

Nah I remember helenas melting down every battleship and full BB salvos just going through lighter stuff without making any significant damage.

After big fixing naval feels really nice again, better than before update tbh

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Naval is plenty playable. I’ve been playing it more than usual, even though I have no intention of grinding the event.

What sucks for the population of this gamemode is that the new player experience is the worst of any mode in this entire game. If you want to play airplanes you hop in a biplane and go have fun in arcade. Same for tanks. For naval? You start out in ships that suck and you get focused down from spawn on a lot of maps. If you want to try coastal you wait forever and then find out the reason why you were waiting forever, as the time to kill is so absurdly low that you get one-shot over and over. Especially the American pt boats that are in the same BR range as flakboats, coastal patrol vessels and frigates.

Unfortunately the playerbase are forking over enough dollars that gaijin has decided ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and doesn’t have an incentive to change a formula that works (for them).


Hm naval arcade for bluewater doesnt strike me as particularly hard for beginners. Air AB is surely easier since there is no gods rules in this mode but tanks? Idk, learning the weakponts, shells and maps even with armor pen thingy still takes some time and each mistake returns you to the spawnpoint. Both naval modes are also way friendlier than other RB modes.

As for coastal, yes it is fucked. But it is pretty enjoyable once you figure out which vehicles (and trees) are worth playing.

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Gj has implemented that overbearing “proximity” alarm and broke torpedo alarm as a result. Torpedo markers are there whenever they feel like it.

Britain has one 7.0 battle cruiser while Japan has 5 7.0 with one of them having 16 in guns


Yep, Naval vehicle additions are a mess.
I don’t mind (and even encourage!) Japan being a major nation for Naval after being a minor nation elsewhere is pretty cool (and fitting given the emphasis they place on naval power), but the sheer amount of lineups they have when other nations can barely compete is absurd. Furthermore they want to power creep the firepower while not decompressing to let it fit is just…dumb.

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IMO the entire gamemode is just gunscope simulator.

The reason why many battleships and milestone ships (Hyuga, Mutsu) are being added to Japan is probably due to the lack of ground and air content that can be added through updates. However, the UK has ground and air content that can be added, so it is possible to keep up appearances without adding ships.

Gaijin has totally borked the aiming system in Arcade. Now, when you try to fine tune your aim with your mouse, the numbers are jumping up and down like crazy. You might as well call it RNG aim. Before you were able to shoot at the distance you want, now it’s just bad, especially at longer range. Gaijinstan, where are the change notes about it? You have probably messed it up when you added the extra aiming “features.” Was the aiming nerf deliberate or just your incompetence?
While I’m trying to unsuccessfully steady my aim, I get bombed by a STEALTH plane. One second I’m shooting, the next second I see a death screen with a plane merrily flying away. Where was the engine sound??? Why was my Japanese anti air not shooting at the plane??? I’ve seen this multiple times now on multiple Japanese ships and even seen YouTubers noticing it.
What is the point of wasting my time playing this fiasco of a game?

Also, the first hour of the day is a total crapshow. I have the worst matches and the worst uptiers of the day. Funny thing is a full downtier is a pretty much guaranteed unforgiving steamroll loss… the type of a match that questions the qualifications of the designer of this pathetic match maker. I always have ZERO hope for this game when I play this one hour day after day. I got to a point where I just exit the matches in disgust. Might as well do it for the first hour EVERY DAY, if I have to, but I got to the point where I don’t see any reason to login except wasting my premium time and doing these pathetic and never ending and repeating BP dailies.

And this is a thread about realistic. Just saying, Noticed the problem too.


Do you mean trying to fine tune your aim with mouse or scroll wheel and it just jumps around in apparently random huge increments?
Yeah its been happening to me, in RB, for THREE OR FOUR PATCHES NOW
I haven’t even touched naval since the patch came out because its gotten (slightly) worse, making it almost impossible for me to aim. And the worst part is that it isn’t even consistent, sometimes it’ll happen and sometimes it won’t, even in the same game.


Honestly, I thought it was my scroll wheel failing (which I think it actually is), but good to know other people are having this problem too.

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