Naval is unplayable, 3 of 5 matches are a disconection

Theres an event happening and we are wasting time in matches that crashes with disconetions and no rewards are awarded.

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I have the same problem but worse. I get kicked every thime I fire a salvo with my main guns at 6.0 and higher. I just got one tip. Go play low tier naval. That still works mostly fine. Good luck grinding the event and have fun with your SMS Baden

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I honestly wonder if they were wrong about improved processing being able to handle 3000 projectiles simultaneously, which would make this issue a function of big ship games.

Played 28 small boat games since the event started/the patch. No disconnects.

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I disconnect mid-battle every time I have a really good bonus in effect.
Anything aver 150% I know I won’t make it til the end. And then the bonus is gone.
It blows.

And yes I very often I’m dumped just before the end of a battle but I can tolerate that, I guess.