Naval Gameplay Suggestions

Having spent a year immersed in War Thunder Naval, I’ve got some ideas:

Precision Targeting: Implement a system where targeting a ship is only possible while looking through binoculars with a direct line of sight. It’ll deter blind, indirect fire across terrain and discourage spamming the “target” button. Another approach could involve keeping the ability to select a target in third-person but generating the targeting solution exclusively through the binocular view, similar to the recent submarine event.

Targeting Modifiers: Introduce modifiers to the targeting solution based on factors like vessel size, relative direction, distance, and speed. A smaller, fast-moving vessel at a distance should take longer to lock onto. This tweak would diversify tactics and promote skill-based aiming.

Spawn Adjustments: Prevent spawns from having line of sight to each other to avoid immediate barrages upon spawning. Also, consider allowing coastal ships to spawn on destroyer/cruiser spawns for more varied gameplay. Adding a spawn for frigates could balance the gameplay as slower ships often struggle in destroyer spawns. Additionally, spawning vessels in a stationary position within protective spawn areas could avoid chaotic collisions and provide better directional choices.

Dynamic Torpedo Settings: Provide the option to adjust torpedo depth and depth charge time during the match rather than only before it. This adds tactical depth and more gameplay options.

Tonnage-based Objective Capture: Explore the idea of decreasing objective capture time based on tonnage. Slower cap times for smaller vessels and faster ones for battleships could balance the playing field and incentivize strategic choices.

These suggestions aim to enhance gameplay dynamics, encourage diverse tactics, and create a more immersive naval experience in War Thunder.


Lots of useful suggestions.
I hope they come true.