Naval Flag : Casabianca Jolly Roger

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With the introduction of Jolly Rogers flags among the available decorators in naval combat, I thought it would be a nice addition to the game and a tribute to a submarine with a special history.

Submarine Casabianca Jolly Roger


The Casabianca was a French 1500t “Redoutable” class submarine built in 1935. In November 1942, during Operation Anton, it was one of the few submarines that managed to flee Toulon during the scuttling of the French Fleet based there.

After joining the Free French Naval Forces, the submarine, captained by Jean L’Herminier, was tasked with providing guns to the Resistance groups of the island of Corsica. It did this job exceptionnally well, bringing far more ammunitions and guns than expected, and basically arming over the course of 1943 almost all of Corsica. It also managed to infiltrate over a 100 commando soldiers on the island in a single trip to support the ground troops.

Not only that, it sank two sub chasers sent by the Kriegsmarine and the Regia Marina to stop it.

Thanks to its decisive role in arming and helping the Corsican Resistance, the island was able to liberate itself almost without any allied help.

To celebrate its adventure, the British navy offered the Submarine a Jolly Roger, which is today still harbored by French ships named either Casabianca or L’Herminier.


  • Corsica is the theater of operations, on the right.
  • The 7 daggers represent the 7 secret missions it participated in
  • The Red band represents a ship sunk with a torpedo
  • The white band represent a warship sunk with its canon (the black dot represents the point of impact)

The two canons and the star means it sank a military ship with its canon.


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French navy ship flies pirate Jolly Roger flag

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