Naval enduring confrontation is down again... please hit the button to switch!

Naval enduring confrontation is down yet again, it has not switched from realistic to arcade properly, can someone please hit the button to get it up and running again?

8 hours later… 8 hours and still nothing? Got some very angry players right now…

Still waiting for EC to come back up :(

I have messaged every single community manager, technical supporter, and still nothing yet, they are trying though, they are all trying thier hardest to get a hold of the cm’s to get it up and running, its frustrating i know, just be patient, they are doing all that they can.


Office must be closed.
Welp, bbl. Gonna go touch grass. Maybe watch a movie.

Got an update from a game master, they are working on a fix… this was over an hour ago so hopefully its on soon as this is getting stupid now… 12 damn hours

Pfft guess i was lied to… been over 2 hours waiting for this “fix” gaijin… what an absolute joke of a company… guess if it was costing you lots of moniessss i guess youd be on that fix pretty quick aye! joke of a game company.