Naval DM now is getting worse

What’s wrong with nowadays DM? new damage model makes the Heavy cruisers almost unplayable, especially for those low RPM heavy cruisers, can you imagine the dd just using the 5-inch guns shot at you for 30s then you will lose over 50% crew members? Now most of heavy cruisers can’t even defeat the same BR’s light cruisers, the DM model and ERA armor makes these heavy cruisers really useless

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if anything I feel like this update made heavy cruisers more useful since 203mm HE salvos can easily oneshot majority of destroyers, so no idea what this is about.

Cruisers aren’t in the worst state, actually the destroyers are. You basically have no durability after the changes, you can’t tank anything. With this new damage model, there are some small maps, where you spawn with a destroyer and after 30 seconds you are dead already by losing whole your crew. You simply have no durability that will allow you to hide.

It’s so annoying that you can lose 30% of the crew from just one salvo. The video example of Neustrashimy in the new damage model. This destroyer was known for its great durability before the changes (they even moved it to 5.3 BR), but look at it now after just one salvo from a 4.3 BR destroyer:


There are many destroyers in the game that can shoot salvos every ~3 seconds. And just one salvo can take now 100 of your crew members. Maybe your crew members are relaxing on the deck during combat, I don’t know. But 100 crew members lost from 1 enemy salvo, without any ammo rack explosions is absolutely ridiculous. And I love how the devs wrote this new fragmentation damage is now closer to reality.

I lately had a battle with a destroyer, where I only got hit by 3 salvos from enemy destroyers and I end up with below 20% of the crew. It’s absolutely ridiculous and simply not fun for me. That’s the reason why I stopped playing bluewater ships for fun. I only play there to use SL boosters and that’s all.

I liked Naval a lot before the damage model changes. Now it’s far the worst game mode in my opinion. I don’t like dying, and in Naval you can’t hide quickly, you need the ability to tank damage. In the previous damage model everyone had to aim accurately to damage the enemy ship. Right now it’s enough to hit the target anywhere and you can kill dozens or even hundreds of their crew members. It’s just not fun. Naval becomes a game mode that requires basically zero skill.

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I can accept the DD’s change, however for cruisers it is unacceptable, I can’t believe 5-inch gun can make such serious damage in 30s, and kill almost 500 crew members, especially most of them are under armor protection.

Now gaijin’s idea of DM in naval is very conflicting, on the one hand, they want to make it close to real, even make armor like ERA that will disappear and the hull can’t be fixed up when suffering enough damage. on the other hand, they make cruiser protection so useless, that most of crew members can be easily destroyed by HE or low-penetration SAP, IJN’s cruisers now is a case, they have very good armor, but for some reason, even using DD’s gun shot them they will lose at least 30% crew remembers each of time.

I have argue with that, actually any of DD can’t have higher BR than light cruisers, now it to deal with Atlanta LMAO.

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