Naval Air Tracking Radar No Longer Computes Lead


New update has broken the tracking radars of all ships. The radar will lock onto an air target, however it no longer draws the box to show lead. Someone has created a bug report already, please go and upvote it.


Good. It looks like they are addressing it. That was really annoying.

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The bug report in the top comment has been closed as a duplicate, but here’s the open one:

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Just to confirm something. You are getting the radar to lock? I’m not even getting that. I have no indication of a radar anymore other than the search radar circle from the HUD. But spamming my lock button in battles and multiple test drives with multiple vehicles will produce no indication there is a radar, no lock box on the target aircraft and obviously no lead then. I have checked all of my controls, I have even cleared my radar controls one by one and re-mapped them. I can get my radars to turn on and off and I can get them to switch from search or acquiring to tracking in the HUD radar graphic. But it does nothing on the actual aircraft or “main gameplay” screen if that makes sense.

Edit: I just read your comment on the linked report and it sounds like we’re experiencing the same thing then maybe.

The only indication that it’s locking the target is that above the search radar it says TRK for me and the symbology on the search radar shows the targets course instead of just the bar.

This is now fixed in the most recent update.