Nato ammo gonig off/fire

Whats the point in having your ammo in a safe compartment when it gets set on fire, 2 fire extinguishers dont put it out and then you burn out.

Apparently thats the ammo rack fire setting fire to your engine, and vice versa. you need to rotate the turret away from the engine deck till the fire burns out.

Dont ask me why, i only learned about this few days ago, tried it three times and it seems its working.


nice 1 on the info, funny how this doesnt seem to happen to me when i play russia

Well, you see, the silly NATO engineers spent milions to find a solution to ammo fire/explosin on modern NATO mbts and found out the solution in form of special blowout panels on top of thw turret that get pushed away by pressure, allowing the fire to escape through the newly made holes safely to the outside of the vehicle.

Superior soviet engineers realised they dont need to add such panels, as there are already perfectly fine crew hatches that achieve same effect.


Because when ammo in turret explode you will get only fire instead of flying turret.

Because they don’t have mbt with safe compartment except 292 and t90m.

In fact, hiding ammunition at the bottom of the ship is the safest option. Data statistics from any country show that the probability of a turret being hit is the highest, and the turret needs to rotate, which often exposes the ammunition rack at the tail to firepower. Moreover, the pressure relief valve is far less safe than in games. When it catches fire, members will abandon the vehicle instead of waiting for the fire to be extinguished like in games and continue fighting. If the fire and explosion suppression system of the wheeled ammunition rack is working properly, there is also enough escape time