Nation Being left behind

Most know we are getting rank 8 ground but what not many people are talking about are the nation who are not getting a new prem like the click bait like what they did for air when we got a new rank. They are leaving nation like Japan, France, Israel, and Italy behind by making it that you can no longer grind those nations with the old rank 6 prem and are getting nothing to make up for this change. They tried making it better by moving up old rank 6 prem to rank 7 but some nations didn’t get this treatment. Some are easy to fix like japan the type 16 (FPS) can go up to 9.7 with type 93 and the Mk.2D and VRCC can be moved up now. but what about France they don’t really have anything that can go higher in rank.


However, Japan, France and Israel also acquired new aircraft.
Since Japan is a naval nation, the army has no choice but to prioritize the development of new ships over the development of new tanks. Israel also has its own tree, but it is a small to medium sized country and cannot develop new tanks often.
In France, there are quite a lot of Leclerc models, so there seem to be few types that can be added. A possibility is to introduce a prototype into the tree. Look at Japan and the Soviet Union, they have a lot of prototypes. Therefore, France may also add a prototype.

Im not saying they can’t get anything new but what are they going to do before they add new stuff to fill in those spots

The new British tanks introduced in this update are prototypes of new tanks that will appear in the future.
This means that not only can you introduce prototypes of the next main battle tank into the tree, but you can also increase your competitiveness by introducing prototypes into existing lineups.

In the first place, Gaijin could just stop nerfing the Leclerc… there are a ton of bug reports acknowledged but they (seem to) don’t care.
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Israel needs other vehicles than Merkava’s, C&P, and Magach’s. While it is getting the Baz which is a much needed addition, it needs some ground love in order to diversify and draw attention to the tree. Like the Namer, Eitan, Pereh, Hafiz, Sabrah, etc. I think maybe next update it will go down this route since they created a 4th branch of TD’s.

update is coming…to be honest I have no clue what Italy is getting

Theyre get the 140mm leclerc, when the 130mm Leo, Chally and CATTB come in, I bet it

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