NASAMS High Mobility Launcher

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NASAMS High Mobility Launcher

ARMAMENT 4x Varios Optional

  • 4x Kongsberg NASAMS 3 medium - long range anti air missiles

    • Missile Range: 180 km
    • Missile speed:Mach 2.7
    • Length: 3.7 m
    • Missile Warhead: AIM-120C - High explosive blast-fragmentation 18,1 kg
    • Missile Weight: 152 kg
  • 4x Aim 9X Sidewinder Block II

    • Max speed: Mach 2.5
    • Length: 2.85 m
    • Diameter: 127 mm
    • Weight: 91 kg
    • Range: 1–18 km
    • Warheads: 9.4 kg ring-shaped fragmentation explosives.
  • 4x AIM-120 AMRAAM

    • Length: 3.65 metres
    • Diameter: 17.8 centimeters
    • Mass: 161.5 kilograms
    • Speed: mach 4
    • Range: 74 kilometers
  • 4x AIM-120 AMRAAM ER

    • two-stage guidance system, a couple different changes than the other AMRAAM


  • Summer camouflage nets
  • Winter camouflage nets
  • Chains during winter
  • Might be more tat i dont know about


  • Weight: 4.000kg (unknown, varies from what armament it uses)
  • Length: 4.57 m
  • wheelbase: 3.30 m
  • Width : 2.16 m
  • Height: 1.83 m reducible to 1.37 m
  • Transmission: 3-speed automatic or 4-speed automatic
  • Suspension: Independent 4×4
  • Fuel capacity: 95 L
  • Maximum speed: 89 km/h at max gross weight
  • Top speed: 113 km/h

In 1976, the US Army began developing a specification for a take-off for the aging Jeep. and in the summer of the following year, AM General was well on its way to developing its candidate. and the first production model rolled off the assembly line in 1984. this vehicle was first used in a conflict in the Gulf War in 1991

The humvees are in use all over the world, by a lot of counries. there is a big variety of configurations and modifications on these. many with atgm’s, light and heavy machineguns and missile launchers mounted on the back on certain models, like this in this post. a heavy and robust vehicle with ok reability

The humvee are in use in many countries all over the world, with many different configurations and modifications

here is one of the configurations, in use by Norway and USA, with the option to mount a launcher with 4x various top modern anti air missiles

The nasams are a medium distance anti air weapon, developed by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace in cooperation with the american Raytheon Company

A while ago Norway adobted a couple NASAMS HML Humvees in their military, wich now are in use. they recieved 3 of them in feburary 2022, shouldbe a couple from before this.

it is now, amont other things in use by the Combat Air Defense Battery in the Artillery Battalion/Brigade Nord. it has also been part of some of the major recent exercises, among them Cold response 2022

Many Nations has choosen to adopt this vehicle for their air defence system, among them are Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, the USA, and Spain.

NASAMS - Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Defense Missile System


Type: Medium to long-range air defense missile
Missile Propulsion: Solid-fuel rocket motor
Country users: Chile, Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Spain, Ukraine, United States, Hungary
Missile Weight: 152 kg
Designer Country: Norway
Missile Warhead: AIM-120C - High explosive blast-fragmentation
18,1 kg
Engagement Modes: Active and/or Passive
Missile Range: 180 km
Missile speed:Mach 2.7
Missile Dimensions:
Length: 3.7 m
Diameter: 0.18 m
Wing span: 0.53 m






New capability in the NASAMS air defence system - KONGSBERG
Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System – Wikipedia
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