Namibian Navy Type 037IS Patrol Boats - The Old is New Again

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Namibian Navy Type 037IS Patrol Boats (C12 - 13)


Coastal vessel, Chinese-built Namibian patrol boat/sub-chaser. Has modern 37mm guns with a high rate of fire.

In 2014, China offered to donate two Type 037 sub-chaser corvettes to Namibia. A deal was signed, and two Type 037IS corvettes, Wanning and Ledong, were refurbished by the Poly Technologies company at Guangzhou, with crew training also provided. The old 37mm twin guns were replaced with a modern Chinese autocannon, based on the 35mm Oerlikon but chambered in the same 37mm as used in the old Soviet 70-K and offering a far greater fire rate compared to older 37mm models. Various other systems were replaced and an electro-optical director was also added.

The two ships, renamed NS Duares and NS Brukkaros (after Namibian mountains/volcanos), completed their refurbishment in 2017, and were delivered to Namibia and commissioned in October of that year. The two ships patrol the Namibian EEZ and offer valuable underwater detection capability, and are currently still in service.

Ship List:
NS Duares (C12)
NS Brukkaros (C13)


2x1 37mm single-barrel autocannon (name unknown but based on the 35mm Oerlikon, 550 rpm, 119 rounds per belt)
2x2 14.5mm Type 69
2x6 252mm Type 3200 ASWRL

~486 tons full

Length: 62.8m

Beam: 7.2m

Draft: 2.4m

Propulsion: 4 PR 230ZC diesel engines, 8000 hp, driving 4 shafts

Speed: 28 knots (51.9 km/h)

Range: 1300 nmi (at 15 knots)

Crew: 64-71

Electro-optical fire director
Navigation radar






I voted +1, but the question remains of where they would go in the trees.

They may be Chinese in origin but I wouldn’t think of Namibia as a Chinese satellite state but merely a customer.

Maybe in the long term there might be an Africa wide tree, or at least a specific sub-Sahara tree (North Africa then being part of a seperate ‘Arabic world’) most likely headed by South Africa due to their larger military complex but also including worthy vehicles from other nations to widen the scope.

What an interesting boat! Never seen those guns before. This would be really fun. +1