Name change. Game-master

I didn’t know where to communicate, but I already changed my name. I want to be unbanned
My name: Saint Monz.


Sorry for the inconvenience, I just entered the game and I’m still banned, do I have to wait a while to be unbanned?


Warthunder Main Registration Page (change your name from this location) - Here


Game Masters:
(Contact them via PM if you have problem with: Chat Ban / Chat Moderation / Game Ban (excluding Bans due to Use of Forbidden Modifications / Hacking and Account Security Issues, or Teamkills. You can find them here ).

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I already changed it a while ago and it’s still banned, approximately how long should I wait?

Did you contact Game Master?

No, where do I communicate?

This should’ve been what someone put up rather than what you got, literally.

PM a GameMaster and go from there. (Messages in the left sidebar, down bottom)

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