Nakidka tarp as cosmetic modification for T-90M

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This suggestion is a simple one. As the title states, I am suggesting the addition of the Nakidka thermal camouflage tarp as a cosmetic modification to the T-90M. Camo nets have been in-game for a while and some are removable through the modifications tab. I am suggesting a similar system for the Nakidka.

The Nakidka tarp is an iconic feature of the T-90M and would be a great addition to the vehicle. A lot of T-90M in service with the Russian army are fitted with this type of camouflage tarps, in various types, usually of a light green coloration.

I am only suggesting the addition of Nakidka as a cosmetic modification to the T-90M. If Gaijin wishes to add functional thermal camouflage, it is up to their decision. However, until then, I believe that the tarp could easily have a place in the game using the new camo net system like we have seen on other vehicles.

Thank you!


Sure it’s a great, realistic, and more than welcome addition. But we need a ton of similar upgrades for other vehicles as well. I would love to see an update that implements a ton of them at the same time for every nation. But ya know, it’s Russia, well probably see this next update or something for only Russia :)))

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The newly added Leopard 2A4M CAN premium pack features Barracuda MCS however it functions as a camo net instead of reducing thermal signature. I am suggesting a similar thing for Nakidka, at least for now.

At first glance I seriously thought this was just a green tarp on a T-90 and was very confused for a second why someone would want this.

Once I read it, I thought it was pretty cool! Would love to see this. Especially once they add the thermal signature reducing effect

+1 need more camo nets in the game and further graphic upgrades to ones already in game

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Adding thermal blankets is the next logical step for top tier tanks. It’d be a neat mechanic to obscure tanks from thermal sights, making it that much more challenging and interesting. +1 for all top-tier tanks.

If anyone would like to see it, I have a photograph taken with a thermal imaging camera that shows what the t-90m looks like with the nakidka.

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That’s so cool! How’d you get it?

+1, I’d like to see these actually function, reduced thermal signature and harder to lock with IR weapons.
Also, the T-80BVM should also receive Nakidka.

Camo net? Premium.

The french Vextra 105 added last update to the tech tree features a removable camouflage net without being a premium.

The Challenger 2 F and TES both have camo nets as well in the tech tree, although they are extremely low quality and aren’t removable, things to fix I have made suggestions for already.