Mystère IV WTF?

  • After the new patch who add the new system for seperate the BR for Ground RB, and Thx Gaijin kill my French lines up again by pushing one of the good CAS plane i play, i’m asking wich one i can put inside my 8.3/8.7 line up?
  • So only one choice the Mystère IV! Problems, this plane is the perfect exemple of how France is treated in this game with constantly too high BR add to a stupid flight model and super weaker engine even when in paper and irl he is better than Supa OP Mig 15/17! Mig 15/17 have 2600 approximatively power weight to trust where Myster4 havre 3300 with average same weight of plane. And like “ALL” French in the game, you can’t have a plane with a good accélération, more can’t have a good energy retention. ALL french are modelised like Delta mirage with ultra high loss of speed when move even a single millimetre.
    -Even be the Nation of Pionneers in aviation, one of the best pilots and Aviation manufacturers, even with British motor, you are always weaker or have a major downside! And now with the reduce of BR of this tier, but none for the weaker planes, but the nice idea of Gaijin is reducing the best who are Mig 15/17 and Sabres to 8.3/8.0 and let other be screwed like the Myster IV. So good luck for grind him. Mine have all is mobility/engine unlock, just all the payload who need to be grind.
    And this plane is so weak than even a A4E can dance with me easier a long time before i kill him and receive help, but with all Migs and lim5P its impossible. Even SMB2 can’t handle this and he is 9.0!

But Gaijin never patch things, except if it touch to Soviet/germany or if it create a loss of profit. They add copy/past things, like they gona do for French plane or recently with Leclerc tank: They have all documentation in this forum but prefere give benelux tree and add a Léo 2A4 and 2A6 in place of patch this! So tired, so so tired.


idk, it’s a pretty insane aircraft for air RB. Great engine, great low speed nose authority and overall good handling at the expenses of energy retention. It’s not a dogfighter, but it’s definitely one of the planes of all time. The Mystere walks over these planes you mention, but it can’t rate fight them. I just came from literally dying to a mystere’s first match that decided to just stall himself below me. Took him 10 seconds to kill me, but sitting on your engine while climbing vertically against a theoretically superior aircraft is one hell of a privilege that neither the migs nor the sabres have.

Lim5 and mig15/17 are very good but are severely handicapped by horrible guns that have horrible ballistics. Also,

this tiny bit of damage didn’t let me surpass 800kmh at all.

Did you talk about the ariete and the cl13b?

Stop say bullshit, you never touch a single French plane except the Mirage 2K S4! Pretty insane plane? lol

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but i did duel these planes i’m talking about and they’re pretty durable. The MiG15 bis and mig17 absolutely walk over them but they definitely need much more time than against something like a sabre or a j29.

Sabre and J29 are really good, i use and like them, far better than Myster 4!