My Topic is unfairly Deleted and I was mistreated :(

Hello. It has been nearly 3 months that I have created a topic about using multiple-accounts on Gaijin platforms (in-game, forum or the bug report service), but it was deleted or unlisted by a mod and explained to me as “You broke a rule, you got a punishment.
No need to discuss this.” but I don’t care about the law and order because I have been diagnosed with autism and I don’t care about people deleting my stuff.

This is what I wrote:

Hello. It has been nearly 2 years since I created an alt account which the username was ’ cone-of-arc2@psn’ and when I start using that account it says 'You don’t have permission to access the game - Reason: Abuse - Moderator’s Comment: Administrative decision - Alternate account to circumvent moderation. This means that some GM or senior admin has to perma ban this account. Before this account was banned I was spamming the in-game chat and start abusing the game system, etc.


Is there a question here?


I’m a little lost with this… What is the point of this thread exactly??? To tell everyone you broke the ToS?? To tell everyone you have a mental disability and try to build up support to get your alt account unbanned??? I’m so lost with this…