My suggestion of BR changes and an example of BR decompression put into practice

I have made a spreadsheet showing how I think the game could and should be decompressed in air RB to better allow each generation of plane to be an enjoyable experience.

There are tabs on the bottom for each nation group. Please read the ENTIRE sheet or at least everything relevant if you decide to complain about a BR change. Ie, if you complain about the MiG-19 being 10.0 again, please keep in mind (and actually read the sheet) that I have decompressed all early super sonics to 9.7-10.0 and also pushed up all of the scary jets you’re thinking of that were originally in that area.

I’d appreciate any feedback or changes.

Also, disclaimer: Sheet is subjective to mistakes. I am 100% sure there are still some mistakes present. If you see something weird just let me know please.