MY SU-25BM is gone

Please help! i trying to sell my SU-25BM in the market place then i decided to cancel it and error pup up saying internet failed! then i tried to refresh it then my SU-25Bm is gone! please help me. its gone! im trying to find it in my inventory and in my game inventory still gone!

Did you receive any gjn coin? OR have you checked sell orders

i ddnt receive any GJN coins and i checked my sell orders no history.

I don’t mean the history, I mean your pending orders.

no pending orders. its gone completly! i hope some of the devs can help me see whats going on

Do you have any proof of receiving it? Also you’re going to need to open a ticket in support.

also report it to the gaijin support website with SS and proof. even if you dont have any they might so dont lose hope

have you got double authentication ?