My squads were active, but i've been stuck on this grind for half year already

I also was on NF104 squadron which had even more activity for six months before.

Why am I not accumulating points?

Your squadron is not active. Find an active squadron.


NF104 was not active? I joined SKYG this week and was on SKYG playing 3 squad rb every day for a year too.

If every squadron only had 3 people playing, an active squadron would be a myth.

Find an active squadron.

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I have a vacancy in the squadron. Join if you want. GRSV

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If you are in a squadron where the Officers and staff aren’t active themselves, be it playing or weeding out long term low achievers, it will slowly die regardless of what you may personally achieve.

  1. Message the leaders and ask to join the staff so the players are better managed. I’m in a sqd that regularly kicks out 2 or 3 at the bottom end to give new blood a chance.


  1. Take a deep breath and quit. Join a new squadron which has plenty of active players (lots of 1k+, and several 3k+). Go through a few 3 day cycles and quit again if its still not earning. Rinse and repeat until happy.

Your squadron’s activity is 6800. To get max squadron research you need to be in a squadron with an activity of 200 000. So you’re accumulating squadron research at about 3% the rate of an active player in a big, healthy squadron, despite your best efforts.


Yeah I’m a Deputy, we have 128 members but we remove 3-6 members every 3 days or so.
Even though we could allow half of the activity and still get the max reward.
Its our one rule so easily enforceable with screenies to back it up.
I’d look for another Squad unfortunatlely.

You want to find one that has nearer 200k activity in the squadron info page, and even then, you still need the squadron to actively be playing week to week compared to month sporadic.