My Renown Diary

Ok. I’m going to be keeping track of my games in the Renown in the hope that it will provide some data points on the pros and cons of this ship.

Renown - Stock. Expert crew level 61.

  1. 3200 damage. Killed. No ammo rack
  2. 27 damage. Ammoracked (ironically) by HMS Hood
    Purchased APC round mod. SAP just isn’t adequate for fighting anything bigger than a light cruiser
  3. 676 damage and no deaths. Everything I targeted died before I got a chance to hit it
  4. 14k damage. Survived. AP helps a lot with heavy cruisers and up, but dispersion is still bad
  5. 7700 damage. Survived with very little damage
    Purchased damage control mod
  6. 3200 damage. Killed by a Japanese bomber. Had a decent 1 on 1 with an Alaska with about equal damage.
  7. 16k damage. Mostly bots except for another Renown.
  8. 4700 damage. Quick cap loss.
    Purchased rudder replacement mod
  9. 5700 damage. Quick loss on African Gulf.
    Finished stage 9 of Summer Extreme for the Renown camo
  10. 4k damage. Ammo racked by a Des Moines.

Random observations:
Fire directors all seem to get taken out at the same time. There are two sets, one for and one aft, but they all seem to take damage when one gets hit.

I haven’t even taken torpedoes as getting within stock torpedo range is asking to get one-shotted.

AP rounds don’t seem to perform well on lighter targets. I suspect they are over-penning.

You will be firing your secondaries 10 times for every time you fire you primaries. I’m going to research SAP for them, as the bulk of your non-catastrophic damage will be done by them.

You will need a calendar to measure the horizontal slew rate of your main turrets. The aft turret takes forever to turn on target at the start of the match even with the help of the ship turning.


Vielen Dank for writing down your experience with HMS Renown.
My own one has been way shorter:

Renown - Stock. Too poor for an expert crew. Purchased some ice-buckets instead as a compensation.
Got unlucky, nothing of interest there.

  1. Open map, joined roughly a minute after battle-start. Got popped by a US cruiser quickly. Flamed and told myself this is actually the moment to rage-quit and play some barbie-game. Respawn with Hood - hehe, sweet revenge lightens my dirty mood - two cruisers fall victim quickly, most likely bots. Got slapped by some russian dreadnought. Well… . Took out HMS Dreadnought. Thank god the battle finished until someone noticed me. Went to the forum to read what fellow players think of HMS Renown.

Wish you all exciting naval-fights,
cheers, Fleur


I won’t be as precise as you were.
I played 3 games in arcade mode.
1st battle : Norway convoy game mode. The ship stand long and I managed to kill 2 ships at close range.
2nd battle : I’ve been one shot after less than a minute on the map.
3rd battle : I struggled to kill anything but the ship did endure lot of enemy shots.

I didn’t unlock any modules but for god sake. How is it possible that torpedoes has only a range of 4 km for a 7.0 ship supposed to engage form dozens of km?

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Day 2:
11. 4500 damage. Got in a close range fight on the cap with 2 battleships and 2 heavy cruisers. Killed both heavy cruisers and heavily damaged one battleship before dying. Got the cap.
Purchased 4.5" SAP mod
12. 6400 damage. Survived. Got lucky and 1 shotted an Arizona, Des Moines, and Alaska (American ammo racks may be worse than the Renown’s)
13. 2500 damage. Ammo racked an Alaska then ammo racked by a Wyoming
14. 10600 damage. Clutch cap and then focus fired.
Purchased fire division mod
15. 5700 damage. Another clutch cap but survived at 20%
16. 5500 damage. Ammo fire caused by Alaska resulted in explosion
17. 19k damage. 3 torpedoes ended that run.
Purchased primary targeting mod
18. 1800 damage. 1 on 1 duel at the cap with a Scharnhorst and went as predicted.
19. 2100 damage. Ammo racked by Kronshtadt
20. 6200 damage. Quick cap win.
Purchased improved rangefinder mod

Definitely getting easier with more mods. Being able to turn the main turrets is huge

4.5" SAP contributes a lot of damage against light cruisers and destroyers

You can’t do any damage if the target ship isn’t at least 45 degrees off your bow or stern. The secondaries have terrible firing angles.


I think that unlocking the 4.5" SAP should be the first thing to research, even before repair crews.

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Taken her out 9 times, ammo racked 7 times. Three of those my mere 8" cruisers at 10km+. Expert crew level 55.

Last 3 times I’ve only loaded 30 15" rounds per gun and similar for 4.5". Each one has resulted in being ammo racked.


I´m not sure that reducing ammo has an effect in naval- mode.

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Doesn’t seem to. Now 10 times ammo racked 8 times, last one was by a 6" cruiser. She’s 30k to repair, used up all the free repairs. Don’t think I’ll be bothering.

So unlocked Hawkins and took her out for a spin. Ammo racked within 2 minutes.

Come to think of it I’ll probably find a different game to play as this is just trash. Someone wake me up when they’ve fixed it.


Usually with 6.0 to 7.0 ships, I play until they are destroyed and wait the free repair delay in hangar before putting them back at sea.
6.0-7.0 battles are not that fun, especially in AB mode where many players just stand behind islands and shoot at useless destroyers controlled by IA. Players like me trying to destroy 7.0 ships controlled by players waste their time and win less points.

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somehow, the only thing i keep getting killed by is helena??


Day 3

  1. 4800 damage. Almost no one targeted me. Cap win
  2. 5400 damage. Ammo racked by Alaska
    Purchased shrapnel protection mod
  3. 4900 damage. Ammo racked by a Helena. Yes, a Helena.
  4. 4200 damage. Won. Survived. Nothing special.
  5. 5k damage. Unremarkable game.
  6. 3400 damage. Ammo racked by a Poltava
  7. 429 damage. Ammo racked by Alaska
  8. 12300 damage. Killed by good old-fashioned crew loss
    Purchased ammo wetting mod
  9. 10k damage. Ammo racked by a Von der Tann from across the map, but got the winning cap
  10. 2k damage. Ammo racked by Wyoming
    Crew level 71