My reasoning for a chat appeal or at least my side of the story

Was playing my f-104 starfighter and was having a good time. This changed when later that said game a person started to use some foul and hatful wording against me.
Here comes when I went in the wrong instead of ignoring and reporting him I stupidly especially in hindsight started to just go to this person same level and also started to use some foul and hateful wording against him.
Picture one:
(Picture one, which was made when I first started talking to the enemies up until I first started talking with the person who started the fight)

I know that I’ve said was as bad as he did and I understand If I wont get any appeal wont even have any annoyance to any moderators.
Just wanted to say it because I do like the ability of the chat and I like to communicate with teammates, also it being my first ban from my roughly 3 year old account.

(this second picture was made some time later and it shows that I meant no harm to anyone that wasn’t the guy that I was mad with)

Like I’ve said I know I’ve been in the wrong but just wanted to share my story on it, if needed I’d happily show more of what’s been said or something like to help.
(also if needed I’d redo or explain myself better since its about 3:00 where I’m from and I’m not native)

Hey mate,

Best way to get in touch with someone regarding your chat ban is to contact a GM, I’ll leave a link to the current list of active GMs so you can message one and get things sorted o7

I checked, and you were not even punished for what you describe. PM a game master if you want to know details.

Yes, and there is no justification for it, not even if you were provoked as well.

Yes, sadly that was where you went wrong.

If you encounter an issue, always report and ignore. Anything else will just lead to trouble.