My Pc shuts down

I have this problem for quite some time around 2 months, sometimes my PC shuts down, without any error alert or anything, it just shuts down. It can happen at any moment it cloud be few games or even 2 hours. Tempretures is not an issue, I have up to date drivers, it is the only game that shuts down. (17.1 KB)

Try this out:

  • First, uninstall EAC from the EasyAntiCheat folder in WT.
  • Second, download this EAC that’s from the official website: EasyAntiCheat.exe
  • Third, rename that downloaded .exe into EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, and replace the one from the WarThunder/EasyAntiCheat/ folder.
  • Fourth, install it with this new .exe.

Please report back, because I think it works perfectly now. I tried out 4 matches, and all of them worked flawlessly without PC crashes or FPS loss, when the first match would straight up crash in less than a minute…
Whenever you play again after this, re-install and do the same thing over and over.

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What hardware are you using?
Mostly CPU and GPU is what is important.

What power supply are you using?

You can install MSI afterburner, and monitor your CPU and GPU power. if it is near your power supply’s rated power, then it is likely triggering the OCP in your power supply.

You can also fire up a more demaning game, or just download “Heaven Benchmark”.
If that causes your PC to shot down, then the power supply could be a cause.

Your PC is wise. You should heed its advice.

Played few games it looks fine for now thank you very much :)

Hell yeah.
It seems that EAC is shitting on your computer. It happened to me as well.
Do remember to uninstall EAC, replace the .exe, and install it with the new .exe every time you want to play. EAC could be updating after exiting the game which leads to crashes or BSOD.

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