My pack premiums arent showing up

hey guys. i bought the VIdar and the mig21 lazur on playstation market to play on pc. i dont own a playstation anymore and theyre not on my pc version. are they lost in the wind. how do i get them to show up on pc to play them

well, to activate the purchased content you need to start the game on a Playstation (on your account).

i don’t know how Playstations work but you may be able to add / run your account on someone elses Playstation, install and run the game to activate the content (could be a security risk !!! do this on your own discretion and risk only)

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Like already replied, you have to login from the console first. It can be someone else PlayStation, you only have to login to the game from it once after purchase.

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it used to work that way but my buddy just sis it for me and it didnt work. maybe becasue im US and hes in Norway

Yea i bought a Premium for the sale with my xbox, and was doing other things for an hour and then logged in and wasnt there. Had to log into the xbox then waited like 2 min and then got the notification. Not sure how your going to fix your situation, but i wish you luck in getting that going.

Did you provide him with your PSN account details? Also, he has to download game client from US PS store if he logins instead of you. If he is in Norway, then he uses EU build that is different.