My mouse cursor suffers from severe input lag

I started playing again after serveral months, why does my mouse cursor feel so bad? Here in the vid you can see how the ingame one so much slower than my normal cursor.

It feels like I’m playing the game streamed or something, and it’s really ruining my gameplay. I’ve tried everything (everything from mouse DPI to re-installing, switching mouses and so forth) and it’s really ruining my will to play.

My rig consists of a 7800XT and a Ryzen 7600X


did you look through settings to see if there is a mouse acceleration in game that is turned down? I’ve had weird experiences just to find out it was some weird setting either on my system or in game

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This also though, try another USB port, and avoid USB hubs.

(Edit - Wow, nah, that’s so messed up… I’ve never seen that happen except for over remote connection or soemthing laggy and explanable)

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Not a thing.

Yep, mouse acceleration is off both in windows and war thunder. I evem bought a new mouse to test and nope the issue still persists.

Whats bothering me is that this only affects war thunder, all my other games work completely fine.

I was thinking, maybe it’s because my monitor does not support Freesync?

if you turn up mouse sensitivity in warthunder does that change anything?