My graphics setup for WarThunder

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to talk about and give you steps on how I set up my graphics so well. note: this is only for reasonably high-end computers

Step 1: Go to options

Step 2: Go to the top of the screen and change to the tab that says graphics

Step 3: Make sure all your graphics are at the maximum settings.

Step 4: Change your post FX setting by going into the options the same way as we said for step 1, then you need to click “Post FX Settings” and I recommend you adjust them to what I have got them set to but you can change them a bit if you feel like it.

Before Post FX settings were changed:

After they were changed:


After post FX settings were changed:

The only issue with changing your post FX settings is your game might go a bit darker but it will make the game show more colour.

Step 5: For this you will need a Nvidia graphics card. First you will need to download GeForce Esperance, from this website, Download GeForce Experience | NVIDIA, then follow their steps on how to create an account.

Step 6: When in game press alt F3, once you’ve opened that click one of the three presets under styles. Then press and add the filter “Sharpen +”




So that’s how I made my graphics look so nice now I just want to share a picture I took yesterday and also thank you for readying. Have a nice day!