My game randomly crashes mid game after the new Update (Alpha Strike)

So for the past 2 days ++ after the new update as an nvidia user. My game crashes mid game and when the match ends and rarely bluescreen my pc and random blackscreens in game im an steam user. I have tried everything to fix it like:
-Reinstalling the game
-Verify my files
-Reducing my graphics (even tho i have an 4060 8gb)
-Tracking my task manager for possible overheating issues
-ddu (deleting my drivers and reinstalling them)
-Launching it in admin mode
-doing /scf scannow
-And lastly Formatting my PC
At this point i thing that its my problem and im afraid because my PC is new 5 months ive been using it
Please somebody reach out to me and help me because idk what else to do at this point


have the same issue on ps4 I think the devs just messed something up

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