My game is freezing alot, know a fix?

So, I have been experiencing very frequent game freezes, that are often very long (6-12 seconds, which can matter lots in a firefight, and it has gotten me killed many times). I have tried resetting my game cache by deleting it, updating drivers (all up to date), reinstalling and it still crashes. I have an RTX-3080TI so the game gets great fps but still freezes often, and i really wanna play but the freezing is crazy. If anyone has an alternative solution, please help.

Same issue with me. Happened with one of the recent updates and makes it unplayable.

Try turning off shadowplay or any recording/ streaming software in the background.
That was my solution for freezes on a 3070.

Does not help. I have had shadowplay off for the last couple of days and no other software running. Enabling it does not make a difference either.

You’ll want to ensure your settings are set right, and best option is through the geforce experience optimal settings.

From there, clear your cache folder in the warthunder folder.

If it still doesn’t change, clear the compiledShaders folder from in the game folder, verify files and try again.

I have already done these steps from a different forum post. Does not effect the stutter in any way.

You haven’t posted thread, and you’ve merely jumped on others and said that you’ve done everything.

You on a laptop?

I am following threads that other people are having similar issues with. Why is that an issue?

I am on a Windows 10 Desktop. 4070ti, 7900x, 32gb of ram.
This stuttering issue is a recent issue I noticed with an update from War Thunder.

Because you aren’t actually engaging, you’re merely coming in to flytip and mention that you’ve tried everything, and you’re not having luck.

Chipset drivers are an old cause of trouble as well.

I am sorry that you feel that way when I am just trying to get to the bottom of the issue from topics that are still getting updated. I have ran those updates, and windows updates too, but I am unfortunately not having any effect.

I didn’t say to update them.

Yes, I have just tried all these methods, they did not seem to work, hoping for a fix soon, magically. Or gaijinally.

Lets hope we get a fix soon.

The issue is it may not be a fix needed by the game, but a setting you need to change that could be a simple thing you’ve overlooked.

Like how many people have actually tuned their ram, or made their pagefile optimized? So many instances where things can vary, and it won’t affect much, but when it becomes obvious, it then comes to be an issue whereever it turns up.

So, what do you suggest i do? lowest graphics settings and see if it works? I’ll try, but I have had on highest for the longest time. (Before tuning it to “pro settings”)

Did you give the optimized settings in geforce experience a go? ( I use a notch back to performance to get it off vsync when I do)

Did you also disable the shadowplay feature or at least put it to another drive? (I’ve turned mine off even though I use a second drive for it as when it is on it’s making like 6-8 versions of the same footage for no reason at all)

Antivirus too, gotta make that exception. I’ve seen OneDrive actually be messing with the game at times by trying to backup the files of the game folder for no reason other than someone installedit to a backed up folder.