My game crashes everytime I start it

before i completele resetet my laptop i started the game and it worked but after i completele resetet my laptop it dindn´t work anymore

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we don not know with this enormous amount of information what is wrong with your Laptop

either provide some more infos or fix it yourself if you don’t know what to provide

so do you know anything that I can do to fix my laptop?

Did you try the file check on the launcher?

how can i file check?

On the launcher, click the wrench icon in the top right. In those options, there will be one for file check. It will check to see if any files are corrupted or missing.

it did not work but i think that is because of my laptop some other things also dont work

It would be nice of you to provide more details so we can help you better.
Are you starting War Thunder from the Gaijin Launcher or from Steam?
What Operating System do you use(i.e. Win10)?
What Kind of Harddrive do you have (SSD/HDD/SSHD) and how old is it?
Have you tried a file integrity check?

If you can’t find the Integrity Check here it is for Steam:
→ Rightclick Warthunder in your Game List
→ Click “Properties” (or “Eigenschaften” if you are German)
→ Got to the “Local Files” Tab (“Installierte Dateien” in German)
→ Click on the “Verify Integrity of Gamefiles” (“Dateien auf Fehler überprüfen” in GER) button.

And here is the guide for the Gaijin Launcher:
→ Click on the Wrench-Symbol at the top of your launcher
→ There should be a Button called “Check Files” (“Überprüfe Dateien” in German)

This could take a long time! (Expect anything from 30mins to 3 Hours
This process will automatically detect faulty game files and replace them with a fresh copy.

In that case maybe backup your important files and reinstall windows completely (Without keeping your old files when it asks you)

provide as requested more details on your OS
and what you already have installed, perhaps you’r missing some essential installations to make programs run, like .NET Framework , grafic drivers etc…

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thank you now it all works also my other problems on the laptop where fixed i wanted to look what my graphic tribes is and where i saw it i reloaded the graphic tribes and now it works thank you