My fps lowered drastrictly after I got new monitor

Before I got monitor I was playing on laptop with nvidia geforce rtx 4050 and was getting around 200 fps on movie graphics settings, but after getting monitor with a screen refresh rate of 165hz my fps lowered to being around lower than 90 in gb and around 70-60 in hangar. The worst part of this problem is that after disconnecting a monitor and lauching game on laptop the fps are still the same as on monitor. I watched many tutorials how to fix this problem and nothing worked. So I thought it may be a problem with game because every other game and program works as before on my laptop

After monitor (same settings as on laptop - 85 fps):

Before monitor (Movie graphics settings - 215 fps) (ignore postFX):

I’m kind of bad in subject of technology and computers so any help would be great

I forgot to add both screens resolutions is 1920 x 1080