My Experience Over 30 times in War Thunder

I am tired of this bug happening.

use borderless windowed mode.

I’ve used borderless windowed, windowed mode, full screen mode. There is 0 fix for this.

Are you changing your graphic settings a lot or plugging in or removing hardware like monitors? I’ve only seen that happen when the GPU can’t/doesn’t handle switching resolution to match the hardware so you get weird output like that.

I only have this problem with War Thunder. I only have one monitor and one graphics card. My specs clear the recommended specs (2080ti and i7 9700k)

To re-iterate; no I am not changing settings or remove hardware/cables.

The game forces itself to go to 640*480 when I alt tab. This is the only game I know of that does this. Doesn’t matter if it’s fullscreen or borderless or windowed.

Obviously, don’t alt+tab. lol.

Obviously they should fix this game because it’s the only one with that problem…

But okay.

I’m running a 2080Ti with a Ryzen 7 5800X, I think we can say its not a GPU issue. Have you tried using DDU and reinstalling your driver completely? Or verifying the game cache?

I only perform clean installs and the game cache has been verified multiple times.

DDU is unnecessary; otherwise I would have this problem in other games. This is the only one that has this issue

DDU isn’t unnecessary. The driver has different settings for different games, don’t shoot down the help people give you, or you won’t get any at all.