My currency changed

Hello ı am living in turkey with this sales ı want to buy somethink but when ı log in my currency changes to USD

Usually, Gaijn market is open in my back tab, I check if there is a discount.

About 2 weeks ago, I opened VPN in my browser and read a German news, but I didn’t realize that Gaijn market was open in the background I think that may be ,

But why ı try to change my currency ı am already using turkish lira? i hope they can understeand me Because 1usd=30 turkish liras with this econoy i cant bought anythink at least in this sales ı want to buy somethink can anyone help what should ı do?

You need to contact support and and explain them the situation.
Please jump here:
Log in with your Gaijin account and then send ticket :)


alright thanks. I send one ı hope it will be fix before theese sales out :)

It probably won’t happen, but I wish you better luck than I’ve had so far. I have had an open ticket (same problem) for 3 days and no one has been to come to help me with this situation. Along with me are 2 friends, who also had no tickets response.

Cara comigo aocnteceu isso tbm, antes da promoção, o site estava com o valores na moeda brasileira e regionalizado normalmente, mas assim que começou a promoção, começou esse erro, só quando eu faço login que os valores passam automaticamente para o dólar $.

Enviei um tickt fazem 2 (dois) e nada de resposta ate o momento.

I have the exactly same issue. Their response to ticket was, don’t login to gaijin store with vpn on and it will automatically get fixed in several weeks. Do they not know there is a huge sale? I sent a reply saying I can’t wait several weeks because there is a sale…still waiting for an answer for two days now. I don’t find this professional.

its been 2 days and they didnt answer my ticket i think support is sleeping on huge sale :D

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I’ve never had so much trouble purchasing a product online. There are numerous ways to verify if a person actually resides in the country they claim to live in, whether through proof of residence like utility bills or even by analyzing purchase history and the origin of the credit card used for the transaction.

The lack of response to tickets and the limited (or nonexistent) resolution of issues gives the impression that the company doesn’t value us or our money.


its 3. day of my ticket and they just asked me am ı usibng vpn on first day ı am waiting them like 2 days :D

sales are going ı dıdnt see that much problem at the ticket in the another games

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They fixed problem solved :D

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fixed for me too! What a great day! Have fun!

Excuse me, but how do I write the ticket? I can’t find it anywhere