My currency changed

I stopped playing War Thunder for a while when I had my old e-mail (which got leaked on a database) linked to this gaijin account. Since all of my account information got leaked on the internet, there have been some logins from (10+) different countries. But thank god I changed my password and everything. So basically my currency changed from Turkish Lira to HKD which is a lot more expensive to afford. I already made a ticket about it and they simply said I need to give it some time. I looked at the forums and I saw people talking about this issue didn’t solve in months. I never used VPN by the way.

From Turkish Lira to Hong Kong Dollar? Hmm most probably a user log-in into your account from Hong Kong, try to contact support or edit your place of residence on your gaijin profile

It’s changed from HKD to Chinese Yuan now. And I’m not using VPN or nothing. Nice.

If you looked, you should noticed that we always says - we cannot help you on our forum. You need to contact support via ticket here: