My credit card is saying declined

Im trying to buy the TAM 2IP but when i try to finish says “declined” and PIX doesnt work too i doesnt understand

If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact our support via ticket here:
(log in, send ticket)

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Thanks i gonna try but the ticket syste is too wierd i do not understand

Not really. You login with the same password you use in forum.

After login just press “Submit a Request” in the top.
Fill the info and press Submit (on the bottom)
I am assuming game is “War Thunder” and problem is “Financial Issues”, then you just add a Subject, message and attachment, as in the forum above. Perhaps some extra info like date, credit card type, but it is up to you.

(Menus may be on a different language if you so choose, but you can always change to english)