My card is being declined

My card is being declined despite having funds, being unlocked and having no pending purchases on it so I have no idea why its being declined for purchases

Hello @Hidden12s,

Please contact our support regarding questions or issues related to your account or purchases:

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Out of interest, are you using a gift card? Like one of those pre-paid Visa things?
If so, how close to the expiry date are you?

I get same message as you if I try and use a card within 1-2 months of expiry. Gaijin tells me to contact the issuer, but issuer says not them, and when I try to use the card elsewhere (groceries or whatever) it’s fine.

Other cards I’ve used on WT with much longer to expiry also work fine.

USING GIFT CARDS it would piss me off when it did this, but there is a way to use your gift card!
gift card
this should let you use it.

im using a debit card that expires in 2 months, this must be the problem ill have to renew it

it’s not the proble, I have a debit card which is one years old and 'll expire in 2026 and still declines
probably something went wrong at ganjin’s

100% them, Good luck trying to get someone in Customer Support to help.