My aircraft controls are completely bugge

Let me explain. I just received my PC, I launch an air battle and I forgot to do all my checks so I put my orders back in place, and I launch a test flight to check if everything is fine. And the problem, when I am on the runway the throttle is blocked at 47%, when I push 100% appears not even half a second and when I drop, 0% but less than half a second I admit that I need help because I feel like I’m doing everything right.and yet it doesn’t work I hope to have answers

On the throttle controls, go to edit axis, and change the “relative control”. The setting basically means that once you release the button, it goes back to whatever it started at.

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Thank you very much. Only new problem when I increase the throttle it increases slightly even with the multiplier of the roulette, and also it zooms when I increase the throttle

You got the zoom keybind that same as throttle up. Easy fix.

What do you have your throttle binded to? A picture would be helpful if possible.
Edit: if you are using the mousewheel, that would explain it. The mousewheel is good for small adjustments but sucks for anything else. I use ‘W’ and ‘S’ for mine throttle controls.

ребята помогите,не могу найти драйвер для джойстика Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

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for the first request its not working i dont fing the setting of that, and i need the trhotlle for the push

i fix it bro thanks you a lot for your respond ^^

No problem. I know how annoying it is when your key binds are reset.
Pro-tip: there is a button on the bottom of the controls menu that lets you save your controls as a file. Then you can load them back if they ever get reset.