My account somehow got hacked and gaijin support hasnt replied in 3 days

Someone has been playing on my account for about 3 weeks now. Because its an xbox account, i have limited security for my account and cant change MOST of the security settings. Ive changed all my passords multiple times but he is still managing to change my gaijin password and log into my account. Todays the first day he did it while i was actively playing. I finally submitted a ticket to tech support after finding out he was still able to get into my account and they have yet to reply. Its been 3 days now. Can anyone here help me maybe?

He can login with your Xbox sign in info as well if I remember correctly.
You have to secure 2 accounts, not just the one.
Be patient for Gaijin for their side of things; and in the meantime secure your Xbox account.

Ive changed all my passwords just in case already.

I forget if Microsoft has a feature to force sign out of everything.
I know Ubisoft does which is how I secured my other account after discovering it was hacked last year.
Those features are valuable.

Microsoft has that feature and i did that but gaijin and warthunder dont as far a i can tell