My account got banned because of my username

i want to change my user name but i need to buy it because i already used it, can i have it free?

Really man?
Mustache man?

and the totally non obvious 2nd name after it?

my friend change it

So it’s ok to use Nazi war machines but not to use the name of the leader of the Nazi’s? That seems like a double standard. I hope everyone with Stalin in their username gets banned as well.

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I changed my username but I still haven’t been banned

Instead of banning the cheats in the game, they ban the names MAX STUPID GAME

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same bro they dont like to unban people

i don’t know bro, i want play this game with my friend and my account was banned

I agree with you but their game their rules

Do you have any information on how to remove this ban?

no, im newbie

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