Multiple Server disconects in Naval battles

I had 4 naval battles with no server responds and a disconect to the hangar afer 2-4 minutes in a row. Ground looks fine and my internet connection is stable. Anyone else have this problem?


+1 same experience…

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Same here. Last match even without ANY rewards. 2h 15mins for just nothing. The match isn’t in the battle history, no notifications, as if I never played that round.

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+1. Actually, its every single naval battle right now. Seems to happen 50%-75% of the way through the mission, 5-10 min in. Latency starts going up by 100ms’s, eventually to 999 ms, packet drop goes up, and finally it disconnects/boots from server.

A couple of times I have been able to close the game quickly, restart, and get back into the mission. It is booting everyone who is playing, and the only people you end up fighting with are the ones who were able to do the same thing and exit out and rejoin the server after reload. So, its for sure not an individual issue, the entire game/server is crashing and booting all players at the same time.

Same as you, ground battles are 100% fine and unaffected, with normal lag and 0% packet drop.

Same for me since the update may be I could complete 1 out of 10 game… This has became extremely annoying…

I’ve also had this issue with no apparent solution. However, it seems less likely when there is a smaller number of actual players in the match. this crashing issue poses a serious problem given that the time I post this is in the middle of a naval event when this issue may be preventing players from completing the event.

yes unfortunately many of us know this problem.

No response whatsoever again under the Rag, this happening in planes and tanks too but the Naval is cursed with kicks out and disconnections

Hi! Sadly there are literally no details in this thread.
Please submit valid bug report with detailed info on:
What server you played
What game mode
What exactly happened

  • logs
    That will allow Tech Mods and devs to check where the issue is.