MTB Leader G-6 - Tupolev's Naval Opus

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MTB Leader G-6

Coastal vessel, large but fast motor torpedo boat with autocannons and 6 torpedoes. Imagine 3 G-5 ShVAKs stuck together.

Designed by Andrei Tupolev at the TsAGI in 1931, the G-6 was a large motor torpedo boat meant to be an MTB flotilla leader, akin to the destroyer leaders like Leningrad and Tashkent. Unfortunately the design had seaworthiness issues and its concept was not pursued further (and 1938 Tupolev and lead designer N. S. Nekrasov had been arrested so any continued work could be seen as “sabotage”), with only a single prototype commissioned in 1939 in the Black Sea Fleet, which was used as an auxiliary vessel. In 1944 it was tasked with delivering 25 tons of food, fuel, and torpedoes to Yalta to support the 2nd Torpedo Brigade, and was one of the ships that entered the Romanian port of Constanta after it was captured. It survived the war, and was made a memorial ship in 1954, though it seems to have been scrapped sometime after.

The ship was made of duralumin like the G-5, and armed with a 45mm cannon, 3 20mm cannons, 1 7.62mm MG, and 6 torpedoes, 3 in fixed chutes and 3 in a triple turret, though testing revealed the torpedo turret weighed down the ship too much and created strong recoil when fired, so while in service it was dismantled and replaced with 16 depth charges, additionally in 1942-43 the 45mm was replaced with an automatic 37mm, a 12.7mm DShK added, the 20mms replaced with 7.62mm MGs, and the torpedo chutes entirely removed.

Specifications: (1939)

1x1 45mm/43 21-K
3x1 20mm ShVAK
1x1 7.62 DA
1X3 533mm TT
3x1 533mm torpedoes in chutes, can be swapped for 3 naval mines

76.6 tons standard
86 tons full

Length: 36.5m

Beam: 6.6m

Draft: 1.9m

Propulsion: 8 GAM-34BPF petrol engines, 7760hp, driving two shafts

Speed: 49.8 knots (92.2 km/h)

Range: 435 nmi

Crew: 30


G-6 under construction (all IRL images of it I could find are of it under construction)

G-6 model next to a G-5 model




I loved this on the old forum, and i still do! C’mon Gaijin, give it to us! +1

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