MT-LBM (6BM) - So very absurdly cursed

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MT-LBM (6BM) - So very absurdly cursed


Note - Most of the information on the vehicle relies on translations so there might be errors, this is mainly due to the fact some sources seem to mix up details of the base vehicle with derivatives which are not the focus of this suggestion.

Background & History

The MT-LBM (6BM) is a modernization of the old and venerable MT-LB apc during the 1990’s, this modernization itself well… combines the chassis of the MT-LB and slaps the turret of the BTR-80A on top of the old apc resulting is something truly cursed. While the 6BM would serve as the base model further versions were made with a total of 5 variants ranging from the base model, a improved version of the original which added a automatic grenade launcher, a variant which replaced the 30mm cannon with a twin 23mm armed version as well as a version with a twin 30mm, a version which could be armed with either weapons of the last two versions mentioned but armed with surface to air missiles as well as improved optics, and a final version which was based off the original model but with improved mobility.


Despite the MT-LBM 6BM not being a new modernization of the MT-LB the vehicle itself is still relatively rare with the 6BM being the most common as most other variants seem to have made it as far as the prototype stage at least however never entered widespread service with only the base variant being used widely in active units and even then are still relatively rare (I could be wrong about some of these details which is the blame to the reliance on translations). All the changes made the vehicle itself also now weigh in at 12.75 tons at most, other changes as resulted in the reduction of a lower load capacity but is stated to retain the same towing capacity however the engine itself remained unchanged though this was rectified in other prototype vehicles. The vehicles armament consisting of the 30mm 2A72 cannon has access to 300 rounds plus a 7.62mm PKT machine gun 2,500 rounds total, it also had access to the standard 6 81mm smoke grenade launchers on the turret.


Further variants

Note - This section mentions the other variants of 6BM that are not being suggested here since their seems to be less information on them


MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB2) - Takes the original 6MB and adds a AG-17 grenade launcher on the side of the turret

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB3) - Replaces the 30mm cannon with GSh-23V 23mm cannon, replaces the AG-17 grenade launcher AG-30 grenade launcher, and replaces the 7.62 coaxial machine gun with a 12.7mm machine gun


MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB4) - More or less the same changes as the 6BM3 but replaced the 30mm with a twin GSh-30K 30mm gun instead of the twin 23mm.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB5) - Same armament as last 2 variants as options but now has MANPAD missiles attached to the turret and new optics


MT-LBM1 (izdeliye 6M1) - same as above but additionally fitted with 300-310 hp engine (engine depends on the plant in question)

MT-LBM2 - upgrade package from Kurganmashzavod with new engine and transmission, improved suspension, new side skirts etc.



Weight - 12.75 tons

Engine -

YaMZ-238VM - 240 hp (176 kW) at 2100 rpm

Mobility - 60 km/h on road / 5-6 km/h in water

Gunners sight

Daytime sight - 1P3-9

Nighttime sight - TPN3-42


Main armament

1 x 30mm 2A72 auto cannon (Elevation angles: -5 /+70)

300 rounds

Coaxial armament

1 x 7.62mm PKT machine gun

2,500 rounds

Smoke grenade launchers

6 x 81mm 902V Tucha smoke grenade launchers



День инноваций ЮВО: модернизированный многоцелевой тягач МТ-ЛБ 6МБ

Tankograd: MT-LB

Транспортные модификации машины МТ-ЛБ

MT-LB MTLB multipurpose tracked armored vehicle technical data fact sheet | Russia Russian army list light armored vehicles IFVs UK | Russia Russian army military equipment vehicles UK

Images Sources


Category:MT-LB - Wikimedia Commons

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I hope all the other MT-LBM variants are suggested! So many cool options. +1

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They should totally add this as a 5.3 AAA like the AMX-10p or the Sub-I-II.

It would be a fun side-grade to the BTR ZD and it would add the “shitty IFV AAA” to another nation!

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For being a modernization, I think adding the BTR-80A turret is a waste. I think the stabilized 82A would have been better. Still pretty cool, +1

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Taking in consideration that the BTR-ZD is in the game, this would pretty much be a copy and paste of it.

Except for the fact its a completely different weapon system? Thats like saying the Gepard is a copy-paste of the leopard 1


No kidding, to the point it’s more copy and paste of the btr80a than it could be of the btr-zd. In-game you would be getting essentially the strella (really just the mt-lb) but with the turret of the btr-80a, so really it’s a Frankenstein of a vehicle rather than copy and paste because all the elements of it exist on vehicles in the game (as said btr-80a turret and mt-lb hull) but not all in one vehicle. The only way it’s copy and paste is if your definition of it is to a questionable extreme.

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